Come Join Us!

We’re looking for world-class game makers and bright new talent -- people who want to work on beloved products and do the best work of their careers. Here are the kinds of people we love working with: people with new ideas; people smarter than us, who can help us learn new tricks and also grow themselves; people who love both games and the technology inside them; people who have an entrepreneurial spirit; people who enjoy tackling difficult problems and doing things that have never been done before. Does that sound like you?

Here's a glimpse into our culture...

We love games.

We were the original team behind Words With Friends and the With Friends series, but before that we had our hand in Age of Empires, Halo Wars and Starcraft, to name a few. We're also voracious consumers of all sorts of games, everything from hardcore PC games to casual mobile titles to board games around the dinner table.

We're redefining gaming for the next generation.

We are inspired by the promise of disruptive technologies like virtual reality and are actively developing games that take full advantage of these new mediums. We are building worlds that will come alive for our players in ways that were previously only possible in dreams. See what UploadVR wrote about our game, Lucky's Tale.

We go against the grain where it counts.

We actively work against crunch. We highly value work-life balance and go out of our way to find inspiration and motivation from life outside the office. We also offer top pay, industry leading benefits and espouse a flat management structure which curtails politics and provides an environment encouraging feedback from all employees on any matter.

We're surrounded by beauty

Located just 30 minutes north of Dallas in the town of McKinney, Texas (ranked the best place to live in America by Money Magazine), our office is on the historic downtown square, home to antique shops, art galleries, parks with large trees, restaurants and a healthy dose of community.


We are always seeking top notch talent. Our disciplines are on the right. If you are skilled in one of these areas, drop us a line and let's see where it goes!



Environment Modeler/Artist